Driver Acknowledgement Form

Driver Acknowledgement Form

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New students enrolling or re-enrolling in FCPS

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Student Registration IT-19

Release of Student Records Authorization SS/SE-79


Bring Your Own Device students may access the wireless network with their personal devices during the school day.

Health and Medical

Emergency Care Information for Students SS/SE-3 Update Emergency Care Information Online

Epinephrine Authorization SS/SE-64

Administration of Medication SS/SE-66

Health Information SS/SE-71

Medication Authorization SS/SE-63

Inhaler Authorization SS/SE-65

School Entrance Health Form Commonwealth of Virginia MCH-213

Specific Health Care Procedures Authorization SS-SE 180

Field Trips

Field Trip Driver s License and Vehicle Insurance Information FS 142

Field Trip Luggage Search FS 143

Field Trip Permission Form FS152

Notice Regarding Proposed Trip Involving Students FS151

Parental Authorization Acknowledgement of Risk for Field Trip FS152

Request for Approval of Routine Field Trip FS 140

Request for Approval of Unusual Field Trip FS 141


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Elementary and Middle School Directory including photos, grades K - 8

Family Life Education FLE

High School Directory including photos, grades 9 - 12

High School Graduation photos grades 9 - 12

High School Counseling grades 9 - 12

High School Military Recruiter grades 9 - 12

Objection to Release of Information for Commercial Purposes grades K - 8

School Counseling grades K - 8


Physical Examination Form

Student Transfer

High School Curricular new transfer SS/SE-221

Initial new transfer, other than high school curricular SS/SE-222

Renewal current transfer students SS/SE-223

Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Program SS/SE 243

Foreign Language Sequence SS/SE 242  

Academy Sequence SS/SE 241  

Student Transfer Child Care Affidavit SS/SE 252

School Counseling

Annual Notice of School Counseling grades K - 8 grades 9 - 12

Request for Waiver of Full-Day Schedule Requirement SS/SE-215

School Counseling - Opt Out Form grades K - 8

High School Counseling - Opt Out Form grades 9 - 12

High School Military Recruiter - Opt Out Form grades 9 - 12

Request to Expunge High School Courses Taken in Middle School grades 7 - 8

Community Use

Booster Club or PTA-managed Camps, Classes, Clinics, and Leagues Application ADM-24

Booster Club or PTA-managed Camps, Classes, Clinics, and Leagues Financial Statement ADM-24A

Community Use of School Facilities

Revenue Deposits and Expenditure Credits


Accessibility Grievance Form

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Citizen Injury Claim/Report FS-147

Citizen Property Loss Claim/Report FS-148


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Request Form IT-9

Investigator/Recruiter Transcript Information Sheet IT-10

Replacement Diploma Request

Free and Reduced Price Meals

Free and Reduced Price Meal Application


Student Accident Insurance

Impact Aid

Impact Aid FS-57

Special Education

Home Language Survey SS/SE-82


Education Program IEP101 through IEP501

Multi-Purpose Referral Form SS/SE 5

Multi-Purpose Referral Form- page 2 SS/SE 5A

Request for Student Records SS/SE-75

Virginia Special Education Procedural Safeguard Requirements SE-4.

University of Maryland Driver Acknowledgement Form

To:     All Drivers of University State Vehicles

Attached is a copy of the Driving Rules for University Vehicles.

Drivers are requested to carefully read all of the rules, sign

the acknowledgement at the bottom of the page, and return it to their

Department Payroll Office. The Department Payroll Office must retain

this document in the Personnel file.

University vehicles shall be operated only by drivers who have

signed this Acknowledgement Form.

Drivers of University vehicles who are found in violation of these rules are subject to disciplinary action


The undersigned certifies he/she has read all of the Driving Rules

for University Vehicles.

I am aware that a violation of these rules would be just cause for disciplinary action




Supervisor Name:



Please print or type all information.

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The Division of Motor Vehicles DMV provides services used by nearly every citizen of the State. Colorado citizens utilize identification, driver, and vehicle.

VISIT CANADA operates educational and French immersion trips as well as choral performance tours to Quebec City, Montreal, New York City, Chicago and Boston.

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