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Chrome 500 Series: Windows XP Driver 07/27/2012

Chrome 400 Series: Windows XP Driver 07/27/2012

Chrome 20 Series: Certified for Windows Vista Drivers 07/27/2012

Chrome 20 Series: Windows XP and Windows 2000 Driver 07/26/2012

Chrome 400 Series: Windows 7 Driver 07/26/2012



Chrome 500 Series

Chrome 400 Series

Chrome 20 Series





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Chrome 500 Series: Windows XP Driver

Windows Modes

User s Guide  6.0MB


Names Size



S3G_Chrome5x_XP_x86_WHQL_v0701.exe 19,517KB






Release Type: Microsoft Certified

- Bug Fix

GPU IDs: 9060


Driver may also be available via Windows Update.

Chrome 500 Series: Windows XP 64bit Driver

User s Guide 6MB


S3G_Chrome5x_XP_x64_v0617.exe 20,554KB


Release Type: Beta driver


Chrome 500 Series: Windows 7 Driver

S3G_Chrome5x_Win7_x86_WHQL_v0701.exe 20,554KB

S3G_Chrome5x_Win7_x64_WHQL_v0701.exe 26,745KB

Release Type: Microsoft Certified


Chrome 500 Series: Windows Vista Drivers

User s Guide  6MB

MultiChrome User s Guide EN 1.2MB

S3G_Chrome5x_Vista_x86_v0699.exe 20,298KB

S3G_Chrome5x_Vista_x64_v0699.exe 26,261KB


Release Type: Beta driver


Chrome 500 Series: Linux Driver

Linux: Release Note EN

Linux Installation Guide EN

s3g-Chrome4xx_5xx-14.05.02-i386-new_kernel.tar.gz 8MB

s3g-Chrome4xx_5xx-14.05.02-x86_64-new_kernel.tar.gz 11MB



Release Type:

- Bug Fixes

S3 Graphics Chrome 500 Series graphics accelerators for PCI Express systems include:

Desktop: CHROME 530 GT, CHROME 540 GTX 9060


Legal Information

Privacy Policy


Copyright 2012 S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Chip Number: 950: Chip Description: Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP TLAN 2.3: Notes: give me a driver for windows 2008 server R2.



S3 Sagave4 Driver Installation Wizard

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S3 Sagave4 Driver Archive

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S3 Sagave4 Driver Mobile

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Download Drivers. Check with your board vendor. Software accessible here is

generic and may not be fully compatible or function perfectly with all features of 

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Sep 22, 2014 Here s Windows drivers needed for using ODIN or ADB with the Samsung Galaxy

S3. Works for all Galaxy S3 models including GT-i9300, 

Apr 19, 2015 Download the latest Samsung USB Drivers to connect Samsung Smartphone to

the 96, Samsung Galaxy S3 all variants, Download.

l am trying to find the drivers for the chipset the computer is a Packard S3

Sagave4 Pro integrated Video on VIA ProSavage KM133 a chipset

Nov 22, 2013 s3 graphics prosavage driver update samsung s3 prosavageddr graphics

driver update sound max drivers sagave4 driver updates update 

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27 jul. 2008 Venha e faça o download de drivers para Mecer Intel R 810e Chipset Intel R

810 Chipset Graphics Driver PV1.1 VIA PRO SAGAVE 8

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