Softball Patch For Letterman Jacket

5 Inch Custom Chenille State Patches with Embroidery These custom chenille state patches can be ordered plain or with embroidery. Each of our custom chenille.

Varsity Tennis Chenille Patches for Letterman Jackets making custom chenille patches and monograms for more than twenty years.

Irvine High School Varsity Letterman s Jackets: Irvine High School Varsity Jackets Baseball Basketball Cheer Leading Cross Country Football Lacrosse.

Letterman Jackets

In 1856 Harvard University introduced the first letterman s sweater to those athletes that had earned the award by meeting or exceeding the criteria. Though the garment has changed throughout the years, the significance and tradition of the letterman s jacket lives on. The scholastic achievements you ve earned deserve an equally impressive keepsake. Our high-quality letterman s jacket are designed to last for generations.

Kimmel has been supplying custom, high-quality letterman s jackets since 1969. Contact our local experts and they ll assist you in constructing your very own letterman s jacket.

Jacket Facts

Finest Quality Leather Materials

Custom Fit We fit you right.

100 Virgin Wool

100 Top-Grade Cowhide Leather

100 Made in Washington State

Individually Hand Crafted Chenille Patches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do Letterman Jackets Cost.

A: Since out jackets are completely customizable, the prices for jackets vary. Typical prices range from 400.00- 500.00.

Q: How long does it take for a jacket to be finished once we place the order.

A: Jackets normally take five to seven weeks to be produced.

Q: Is it important that the student receiving the jacket is present during the ordering process.

A: Yes. It is necessary to ensure that we get the proper fit for your son/daughter, as well as for putting the personal touch on his / her jacket.

Q: Is it possible for me to add patches to my existing jacket.

A: Absolutely. You can always add to your jacket. Whether you bring in your own patches to be added or you want to order patches, we re ready to serve.

Q: If I have my own design for a patch, can I get that on my jacket.

A: Yes. We can do custom mascots or custom designed patches and bring your idea to life.

  • We use only the FINEST HEAVYWEIGHT WOOL BLEND available for our custom USA MADE JACKETS. You are getting a longer lasting, more durable, and more colorfast.
  • Letterman Jacket Pins, Plaques and Such Plaques Such specializes in printing and manufacturing high quality school awards, varsity letters, wall plaques, custom.
  • Letterman Jackets at Kimmel Athletic In 1856 Harvard University introduced the first letterman s sweater to those athletes that had earned the award by meeting.
  • This page shows a twelve inch chenille state patch for letterman jackets.
softball patch for letterman jacket softball patch for letterman jacket