Virtual Scsi Driver Not Detected Error


Virtual SCSI Host Adapter detected an error Probable Causes Failure Causes Virtual SCSI Host Adapter Driver is an Undefined State Recommended Actions.

SCSI Hard disk not detected. To: 1 Mon Jun 10 :32 CDT 1996 6 Serial driver version 4 Since the log file says that SCSI : 0 hosts detected it is not.

virtual scsi driver not detected error

Virtual scsi driver not detected. So I continue anyway then an error Hopefully that will solve the driver problem. Set up 2 virtual drives using Alcohol.

How to troubleshoot event ID 9, The driver detected a controller error on Device and that intermediarydevices are not. If only a single SCSI chain is.

The SCSI_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION bug check has a value of 0x000000F1. This is the bug check code for all Driver Verifier SCSI driver passed an invalid virtual.

Reinstalled Daemontools after one of those new errors, now I get this message when I try to start it:

Virtual SCSI driver not detected

After I first installed Daemontools 4.0 I removed all my real cd-roms from the computer, don t know if that has anything to do with this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

hi, i have the same problem, i have this problem since i unninstal manual because i had much problems.


Originally Posted by truepower

hi, i have the same problem, i have this problem since i unninstal manual because i had much problems.

I Got Exact the same Prob

Can u Guyz Help us out


AshesFall, truepower, and Drakeboy:

If you uninstall, reboot, and reinstall and try to launch DAEMON Tools before the reboot on the reinstall do you receive any error messages at any point in the process.

Also some more information about your computers would be helpful. What OS and Service Pack. And are you running as Administrator.

the modern world:

net helpmsg 4006

i have that same error.My windows installed some thing auto and i installed nero too.What am i gonna do..

i have that same error.It hadn t got any problem before installed Nero.When i installed and restarted my pc gave that error

i had the same prob and installed win new

its kinda shit solution but it works for sure.

HAve the same problem, had it since DT4 was released, so I ve just been using 3.47 instead.

Running Win2k sp4. Amd XP2800. Ati 9800. Msi KT400a MB/w bluetooth. just putting info out there, if it its useful

Have nero 6 old ed. installed. also steam. Have a raid driver installed thats called Win2000 Promise Fastrak 376 Controller

What i get under scsi RAID controllers is Unknown Device when DT4 is installed. Get the errors everytime I startup my pc, otherwise I dont get anything when i try to start DT4. Nothing happenes.

Tried what you said about starting DT4 before I should restart in the install, nothing happened. No errors or nothing

sorry if Im being stupid, or missing somethinghehe

Problem solved

i had the same problem.but i solved explained below.

1. uninstall any previous intallation of DT.

2. reinstall an older version of DT i had 3.47

3. install DT 4 select to upgrade

4. reboot DT reboot request

5. reboot again windows reboot request for new hardware

Same problem.

Explanation of steps that led to it:

Had DT v4 Loaded on Windows 2000 Pro

Upgraded to Windows XP Professional SP2

Got some startup error loading DT sorry didn t log

Tried reinstalling DTv4 and got a system error when trying to install the SPTD Layer setup crashed there

Manually uninstalled DTv4 along w/ sptd.sys

Reinstall worked, but when I tried loading DT I got Virtual SCSI driver not detected

Uninstalled again not manually, installed 3.47 and upgraded to 4 and it works fine now using KubriK s method

Originally Posted by newuser17

Nice, my method works

Btw.. I dunno why DD is givining me the same problem at random after boot. It s insane.

Pls debug fix it.

So I ve booted into safe mode, renamed sptd.sys and come back in to uninstall daemon tools 4.03. Unforutately now I can t uninstall because it s not showing up in add/remove programs and choosing Uninstall from the programs menu states

Setup is unable to validate installation.

Any suggestions. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ganjabob

I was having the same problem where with 4.03 the installer couldn t find the appropriate SCSI device and came back with device manager saying my device daemon SCSI driver wasn t installed properly.

I tried following Kubrick s directions but upon the reboot after updating 3.47 to 4.03 Daemon Tools errors out with Unable to add adapter. Device problem 32.

I haven t been able to find anything with that problem code in the forums. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I should mention that 3.47 works without a hitch if I roll back to that version.

I m on XPpro SP2 with no burning software or third party SCSI drivers installed.

1. Go to admin tools -- computer management -- services and applications -- services:

2. Restart the Virtual Disk Service manually, or better make it automatic. For some reason this is stopped after a reinstall.

W o r k s.

Originally Posted by Leareth

okay, what do I do if I can t find anything called: Virtual Disk Service should I try doing the 3-5 steps by themselves.

For me first two worked. Service shoould be restarted, not all system.

i tried installing DAEMON v4 on xp professional, and am getting virtual SCSI driver not detected.. will try to install 3.47 and update and will get bak to u guyz.

i tried sellers method, dint work. i am unable to install 3.47, am getting code 25057 error, so cant use da upgrade method and i cant reinstall driver through xp cp cuz i lost my xp cd..

OS:xp pro



just reinstalled my pc yesterday and got the virtual scsi driver blabla and reinstalled windows which removed it then DT worked.. until today where i found out my pc was infected with a virus so i did a system repair and know its making that error again.. dont feel like reinstalling windows every day

been looking around and ive seen ppl write that there is a scsi thingy in device manager with a conflict but i dont have that.. i dont have anything called scsi in there

dont have the virtual disk service in admin tools so i cant really fix my problem that way

Same prob

Hi all

i got the same error even though i never installed nero

pllz help

i use xp sp2

i have no burning softwares installed

i m using dt 4.10

and i dont think using previous version wud help

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Daemon must remove some options.

I am having the same problem.

Daemon should remove the option during uninstall, to remove scsi adapter because this is the crap that causes all these problems.

All I did was use some program called XDelBox to get rid of google redirect virus, and next time I logged in which was the very same day, I got some message talkin about Kernel Debugger. So I tried to uninstall it and then reinstall it, and I got Virtual SCSI driver not detected.

So yeah, I pretty sure it s because of the XDelBox thing, I used.

But how to fix.

What DT version do you use.

The SCSI_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION bug check has a value of 0x000000F1. This is the bug check code for all Driver Verifier SCSI Verification violations.

Important This topic is for programmers. If you are a customer who has received a blue screen error code while using your computer, see

Troubleshoot blue screen errors.


The four bug check parameters are displayed on the blue screen. Parameter 1 identifies the type of violation.

Parameter 1Parameter 2Parameter 3Parameter 4Cause of Error


First argument passed

Second argument passed


The miniport driver passed bad arguments to ScsiPortInitialize.


Delay, in microseconds

The miniport driver called ScsiPortStallExecution and specified a delay greater than 0.1 second, stalling the processor too long.


Address of routine that took too long

Address of miniport s HW_DEVICE_EXTENSION

Duration of the routine, in microseconds

A miniport routine called by the port driver took longer than 0.5 second to execute.

0.5 seconds is the limit for most routines. However, the HwInitialize routine is allowed 5 seconds, and the FindAdapter routine is exempt.


Address of miniport s HW_DEVICE_EXTENSION

Address of the SRB

The miniport driver completed a request more than once.


The miniport driver completed a request with an invalid SRB status.



The miniport driver called ScsiPortNotification to ask for NextLuRequest, but an untagged request is still active.


Invalid virtual address

The miniport driver passed an invalid virtual address to ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress.

This usually means the address supplied doesn t map to the common buffer area.



The reset hold period for the bus ended, but the miniport driver still has outstanding requests.


The Storport miniport driver called StorPortStallExecution and specified a delay longer than 0.1 second, stalling the processor for an excessive length of time.


StorPortGetUncachedExtension was not called from the miniport driver s HwStorFindAdapter routine. The StorPortGetUncachedExtension routine can only be called from the miniport driver s HwStorFindAdapter routine and only for a bus-master adapter. A Storport miniport driver must set the SrbExtensionSize of the HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA Storport structure before calling StorPortGetUncachedExtension.


An invalid address was passed to the StorPortGetDeviceBase routine. The StorPortGetDeviceBase routine supports only those addresses that were assigned to the driver by the system Plug and Play PnP manager.


The Storport miniport driver completed the same I/O request more than once.


The Storport miniport driver passed an invalid virtual address to one of the StorPortReadxxx or StorPortWritexxx routines. This usually means the address supplied doesn t map to the common buffer area. The specified Register or Port must be in mapped memory-space range returned by StorPortGetDeviceBase routine.


See the description of each code in the Parameters section for an explanation of the cause.


This bug check can only occur when Driver Verifier has been instructed to monitor one or more drivers. If you did not intend to use Driver Verifier, you should deactivate it. You might consider removing the driver which caused this problem as well.

If you are the driver writer, use the information obtained through this bug check to fix the bugs in your code.

The Driver Verifier SCSI Verification option is available only in Windows XP and later. The Driver Verifier Storport Verification option is available only in Windows 7 and later. For full details on Driver Verifier, see the Windows Driver Kit.

Thread: Virtual SCSI driver not detected...

I receive a virtual scsi driver not detected error message everytime I start up the computer. How do I fix this. Installable virtual driver: BOB STIEFVATER.

virtual scsi driver not detected error